Top 5 Hokkaido Meals

15 September 2017

2017-2018 Japan Ski Season Countdown
Days to go: 62

Hokkaido’s Top 5 Mini Blog Series

Today I continue my Hokkaido mini-blog series, and I present to you my favourite foods from this magical snowy kingdom.  Of course everyone knows about Japanese sushi; but the fact is that there are so many wonderful dishes to choose from even if you don’t like fish.  Epic curries (yes, Hokkaido has its own curries), BBQ meat dishes, local fried chicken, tasty kebabs, fresh salads, Japanese pancakes (okonomiyaki)…  Not forgetting the numerous varieties of noodle dishes: hot noodles, cold noodles, thick noodles, thin noodles, buckwheat noodles, fried noodles…  I’ve made a list of my top 5, but in truth I could have made a Top 20!

Skilas’ Top 5 Hokkaido Meals

In no particular order…

    1. Ramen: It is arguably the ultimate sport/food combination: deep powder skiing accompanied by a steaming bowl of succulent ramen noodles. Different soup flavours exist, but Skilas’ favourite is the miso base with butter and sweetcorn – a Hokkaido special. There is nothing better to warm you up and boost your energy levels for your next session in the powder zone!

      A steaming bowl of ramen noodles, Hokkaido style

      2. Soup Curry: A truly Hokkaido-only dish, this tasty number is perfect when the snow is dumping outside. South East Asian spices with a Japanese twist and fresh Hokkaido vegetables.  Choose from a vast array of bases, fillings, meat/seafood, veggies and toppings, and then have it as spicy as you like (each curry shop has its own spiciness number scale).  We do warn you: they do get VERY spicy so choose wisely!


      Sapporo’s Soup Curry: Have it as spicy as you like!

      3. Sashimi: If you like raw fish then you are in for a treat here!  Hokkaido has the freshest and tastiest seafood in Japan, and it is surprisingly affordable too.  Eat the fresh catch of the day at Sapporo’s fish market, or go to a restaurant and order a large plate of selected fish – recommended by the chef – to share with friends.  Be sure to try the local specialities that are hotate (scallop), uni (sea urchin) and kani (crab).


      The freshest and tastiest raw fish in Japan… and the World?

      4. Sushi Train: As with sashimi, Hokkaido sushi is both super tasty and inexpensive (unless you dine in one of the Michelin starred restaurants of course). There are plenty of sushi bars dotted around Sapporo often with picture menus so ordering is easy.  Getting your freshly made sushi delivered to you by conveyor belt is a classic Japanese experience!


      Sushi delivered by conveyor belt, and even by train!

      5. Izakayas: These small local Japanese bar-restaurants may not necessarily look very inviting at first glance, but boy do they serve up some incredible food!  The cooking is always top-class and service is great; the trick lies in knowing what to order (the communication barrier can often make this tricky).  So if you want to be adventurous head into an izakaya for the authentic Japanese experience; try some new culinary delights and wash them down with a smooth glass of Sapporo Classic beer.  And don’t forget to raise your glasses to Hokkaido, its amazing powder snow and fantastic food.  Kanpai!

      Tasty Yakiniku with great friends

      A tasty izakaya meal with great friends.  Kanpai!!

If you want to try any of these delicious dishes then join Skilas on his Hokkaido powder adventures.

Ski deep Japanese powder with an experienced guide, taste Hokkaido’s best food, relax in natural hot springs, experience Japanese culture and socialize with new friends!

See the Silky Powder Adventure Tour details for more information!


That’s it for now…  Enjoy your weekend, and see you soon in the snow!



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